Texas considers out of state public records request ban

DeniedLast month, the Texas state legislature announced that it was considering a move that would give government agencies and other public bodies the legal right to ignore Freedom of Information Act, or public records, requests if they came from outside the state.  The restriction would apply to both businesses not based in Texas, as well as members of the public who simply weren’t citizens of the state. [Read more…]

Texas attorney general rules that oil train records are public

Train TracksAccording to the state attorney general, oil-train records that the Texas Department of Public Safety argued were exempt from public records law are, in fact, not.  Last week, the attorney general ruled that the records must be made available to any and all news organizations and public parties interested in them. [Read more…]

Records show DuPont workers were long exposed to lethal chemicals

ResearchIn the city of La Porte, TX, a DuPont chemical pesticide plant suffered a tragic accident last year.  On November 15, 2014, a catastrophic chemical release spontaneously killed four workers.  While the tragic event was reason enough for investigation, what a public records request by the Houston Chronicle reveals is incredibly disturbing as well. [Read more…]

Asbestos concerns cause drama at Kilgore College

PaperFor a community college with just under 6,000 students, Kilgore College is certainly making more news than the average school of its size.  In fact, more-so than ‘news’ the events occurring right now sound like something out of a movie.  From behind-the-back gossip, to accusations amongst board members, to student health and safety concerns, there’s a lot to keep up with.  The latest event, a bullet through the door of one of the college’s president’s critics, escalated things to a whole new level. [Read more…]

Texas blog denied public records request in wake of police shootings

Sealed RecordsThe blogosphere and government agencies have had an interesting relationship since independent websites first popped up some 20 years ago.  The internet is a watchdog’s dream space; information spreads like wildfire, and once it’s out, it’s hard to ever get back in the bottle.  Such a relationship also exists amongst news outlets, and everything in between. [Read more…]