Hospital records being examined to determine how Ebola spread

SurgeryNina Pham, a nurse at Texas Presbyterian Hospital, contracted Ebola after giving care to a dying Liberian man who entered the state by plane before his symptoms worsened. Thomas Eric Duncan died on October 8 from Ebola. A few days later it was revealed that Pham was infected; she was the first in the US to do so in the current outbreak. [Read more...]

Michigan partially exempts Governor from state public records law

Public RecordsIn southwest Detroit, residents are prepared for their homes to be demolished. Through no fault of their own, residents of a small community will likely have to find new homes in the near future. That’s because the neighborhood currently is smack dab in the middle of the zone for a proposed public bridge that will run from Detroit to Canada. [Read more...]

Palm Beach Post wants financial records of city councilman

Sealed RecordsAfter a messy divorce hearing, the Palm Beach Post in West Palm Beach, Florida is requesting the circuit court judge unseal the financial records of Wellington Village Councilman John Greene. [Read more...]

Fake birth certificate leads to the arrest of Virginia lawyer


A Virginia woman went so far in trying to create a new identity for herself that she burnt her fingerprints off and created a fake birth certificate.

Ann Marie Miller, now in an Ohio jail, said she wanted a new identity so she could attend law school and gain admission to the state bar; Miller had been disbarred by the commonwealth of Virginia previously. [Read more...]

Wyoming Supreme Court favors media in records case

Scales of JusticeThe Wyoming Supreme Court ruled last Tuesday that circuit courts may not exclude the media and public from hearings.

These hearings determine whether the state has enough evidence to justify charging defendants with sexual assault. It is a win for the media, which had challenged a local circuit judge’s refusal to release information about a local man charged with kidnapping and sexual assault of a girl in 2012. [Read more...]