Texas job creation program results are difficult to measure

Chart UpThroughout the past decade, the national and global economies have been bombarded with tough times. In response, everyone from the municipal/city level all the way up to country heads have been working on solutions that can help to create jobs and ease unemployment. As a state, one way that Texas responded to this crisis, way back in 2003, was to fund the creation of the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF). [Read more…]

ICE released illegal immigrants with serious criminal histories

HandcuffsImmigration is a hot-button issue the world over, and especially in the United States. Getting even more specific, Texas has a reputation for being a sort of battlefield for immigration, particularly from Mexico or those traveling from other countries through Mexico to enter the U.S. [Read more…]

Did voter ID laws impact elections in Texas?

IDVoting is, without a doubt, a quintessential part of participating in any kind of government remotely resembling a democracy. We hear it from a young age from our TV’s, celebrities, and from an increasing number of media platforms across technology. Unfortunately for some in the great state of Texas, however, those messages fall on many individuals who can’t vote even though they truly want to. [Read more…]

Hospital records being examined to determine how Ebola spread

SurgeryNina Pham, a nurse at Texas Presbyterian Hospital, contracted Ebola after giving care to a dying Liberian man who entered the state by plane before his symptoms worsened. Thomas Eric Duncan died on October 8 from Ebola. A few days later it was revealed that Pham was infected; she was the first in the US to do so in the current outbreak. [Read more…]

Michigan partially exempts Governor from state public records law

Public RecordsIn southwest Detroit, residents are prepared for their homes to be demolished. Through no fault of their own, residents of a small community will likely have to find new homes in the near future. That’s because the neighborhood currently is smack dab in the middle of the zone for a proposed public bridge that will run from Detroit to Canada. [Read more…]