California laws add protection for investigative reporters in 2014

Paper2014 is shaping up to be an especially good year for journalists and investigative reporters throughout California, because of lawmakers at the State Capitol who figured out how to get through rough spots in difficult areas of safeguarding the rights of the media.

There are a whole slew of new notable bills that will have a direct impact on journalists in the state. [Read more…]

Criminal used forged property records in Florida for real estate fraud

RecordsA Florida man is facing charges of organizing a scheme to defraud, among other charges, for an elaborate real estate fraud scheme.

Allen Tribble Jr. is alleged to have identified vacant or foreclosed houses and then put new locks on the doors. [Read more…]

Some records are missing from a recent Burleson County deputy shooting

BadgeAlmost a month after a Burleson County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot to death, it is not certain where the files describing the shooting are.

During telephone calls that a local newspaper placed in the last few weeks to several high-ranking Burleson County officials (the district clerk, the DPS, the district attorney, etc.), the message received was that none of them had the documents. [Read more…]

Law professor wins case in California over the effects of affirmative action

ActionIn a drawn-out fight over affirmative action’s effects, the Supreme Court in California ruled late last month that law school information on grades, attendance, and race should be made available to the public.

The decision was unanimous, and it represented a huge legal victory for a law professor who wanted to test his theory that minority students actually suffer harm from the affirmative action-based admission policies. [Read more…]